Safe Transport

Tecport, working with our partner, CAI, is bringing an innovative new product to the markets we serve. 

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Leveraging GPS-enabled devices on each bus, SafeTransport
provides real-time tracking of fleet location, visibility into the progress of current runs, notification of late and off-route buses, and estimated times of drop-offs and pickups. The tool facilitates seamless mileage reporting to the state for rider reimbursement. Additional SafeTransport capabilities include intuitive tools for efficiently planning runs and managing student stop assignments, notification of speed violations,and a "stop verification" feature that confirms a bus hits (every stop) on time. All of this is provided through a hosted, secure web application accessible anywhere.

After a successful pilot, SafeTransport was implemented forParkland School District's 2015-16 academic year on each of their 155 buses."I've had it for a week and a half. Now I can't imagine living without it." –Anthony Naradko, Parkland School District Director of Transportation & Safety.

Real-time visibility into their fleet's location has proven value in numerous scenarios: quickly locating buses that had broken down in remote locations, helping drivers that had taken wrong turns get back on track, and the peace of mind it provided when students traveled long distances during off-hours for field trips and activities. In addition to raising the bar in terms of safety standards and driver experience, SafeTransport also eases the process of submitting fleet mileage for state reimbursement. SafeTransport makes capturing mileage data and assembling the state report for electronic submission much less tedious and time-consuming. This means greater accuracy of reporting and less time dedicated to creating and submitting the report each year. Recent integration with SunGard's K-12 student management system has further improved efficiency by seamlessly syncing student address, stop, and contact information between systems. Next on the product road map: a SafeTransport mobile app for parents that will provide estimated pickup times based on current conditions and automated notifications of delays. The parent app will mean fewer late riders and calls from parents when inevitable schedule changes occur.

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Click here to view a downloadable PDF document with more information about Safe Transport